Every year scout troops and their leaders take part in numerous events – either individually in their cities or together with other scouts in nationwide hikes or jamborees. Among the most popular ones you can find Leaders’ Jamboree, Wędrownicza Watra, Grunwaldzki and Świętokrzyski’ Hike. In the nearest future we are going to celebrate the Centenary Jamboree of Polish Scouting and Guiding Association.


Every two years ZHP organises a jamboree for leaders working in our association such as troops’ leaders and leaders’ trainers. It is the greatest training event in our organisation. During this jamboree all the participants are allowed to take part in various workshops, trainings that are connected with their roles in ZHP. A lot of conferences with many crucial discussions and topics are organised too. Evenings are devoted to meetings, discussions and experiences’ exchange with unusual people in jamborees’ cafés.

Taking part in this event is a great opportunity for ZHP’s leaders to enrich their knowledge or skills and also experience an unforgettable adventure.


Although the beginnings of our association dates back to 1910, ZHP was established in 1918. That is why in three years time we are going to celebrate our anniversary. Therefore the nationwide jamboree is being prepared, in which 15 thousand scouts will take part. Previous events of this kind took place in Cracow in 2010, the centenary jamboree organised to celebrate scouting establishment, and in Kielce in 2007 to celebrate centenary annual of first scout camp. Our centenary jamboree is going to be organised on Sobieszewska Island- the Polish proposal for city hosting World Scout Jamboree in 2023.



Rovers are mainly people aged 16-21. The words: “reach out to the world, think – help, so act” are their motto. This particular words are connected to Wędrownicza Watra. This event is divided into two parts. The first part is hike and the second one are workshops on the meeting-place. Wędrownicza Watra is organised in different place every year what allows scouts visiting different Polish regions. During hikes all scouts have the opportunity to overcome their own weaknesses. During the workshops, which are prepared by participants, you can share you hobbies or talents with other scouts. Wędrownicza Watra is attended by scouts from abroad annually. They are hiking together with some Polish troops.



Świętorzyski Scout Hike is an event with long and rich tradition – the first edition took place in 1959. Since that time, hundreds of scouts traverse Świętokrzyskie Mountain in order to promote hiking, healthy lifestyle and also preserving the tourist attraction of the region.



Grunwaldzki Hike is one of the biggest summer event in Poland. Every year hundreds of participants trek on hiking trails in Mazowsze, Kujawsko-Pomorski, Warmińsko-Mazurski Regions to get to Grunwald. It is a very important place for our history and tradition. In this place in 1410, Polish army fought with the Teutonic Order and then defeated them in one of the greatest battle in our history.

However, Grunwaldzki Hike is not only an event that promotes historical values – every year the hikes are different. You can impersonate Medieval people, you can follow the missing artworks or take part in Second World War’s reconstruction or you can even move into future. Other hikes are fun too. You can invent thing that cannot be beaten even by McGyver, be part of the amazing story of “Pan Samochodzik” or Indiana Jones. People into ethnography and psychology will also find something interesting in Grunwaldzki Hike’s programme. The sightseeing tours, canoeing and biking trips are a daily reality.