Host City Agreement undersigned by the City of Gdansk

After six months of intensive and hard work, an agreement, under which Gdańsk can be a city hosting the 25th World Scout Jamboree in 2023, was signed.

This event is the most important meeting of WOSM (World Organisation of the Scout Movement). It was created in order to gather young people aged 14 to 17 who belong to Scout National Organisations. WOSM is the largest non-governmental organisation for millions of teenagers.

Each day of Jamboree, the meeting-area is usually visited by 5 000 guests, who come for this particular event from all over the world. Jamboree generates growth in tourism of about 65 000 guest. That is why people are booking the permission to enter this meeting- area in advance. The organisers do not provide accommodation and alimentation what is a great possibility for the tourist industry. It is a great occasion for a region or city promotion. ZHP will support all the efforts in preparing an attractive tourist offer which will accompany the 25th World Scout Jamboree.

In Poland’s candidacy the local society, area and its development play very important role. The main aim of scouting is creating a better world what in this particular case equals serving the society. All the actions which will be taken in order to prepare the meeting-area were previously negotiated with the local government and they are to promote Gdańsk and its neighbourhood. Polish scouts’ voluntary work will equal approximately 200 000 hours of service. It covers a little renovation works at schools and kindergartens. Jamboree can be beneficial for both area and local society. What is even more important, it can show the civic dimension of scouting.

Designing the meeting-area for Jamboree can be compared to preparing Olympic Village or EXPO exhibition. That is why choosing the best area for Jamboree organisation was a very difficult and complex decision. After 17 visits, taking 8 locations into account, travelling several thousand kilometers the decision was made. Gdańsk’s proposal – Sobieszewska Island with its meadows and fields was chosen to be ZHP’s proposal of place for organising the 25th World Scout Jamboree.

Our offer is going to be submitted during the World Scout Conference this year. In 2017 WSC participants will decide whether the 25th World Scout Jamboree will be organised in Poland.

Till this time Polish candidacy will be promoted among all National Organisations on all continents. This campaign started last year. It is fulfilled in accordance with guidelines of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs included in “POLSKA – brand identity rules”.

Starting today we will be able to invite our friends form all Scout National Organisations to Poland, to Gdańsk – the City of Freedom. The whole campaign addressed to young scout leaders is going to last for over 2 years.

Worldwide significance of this event was underlined by specific government guarantees which were granted by the Council of Ministers. Our bid is supported by eminent persons of our political and social life. Both The President of Poland and all former living presidents, the Prime Minister of Poland, the President of the European Council are composing the Honorary Committee. The current Head of State is a head of it. The “Civil” Honorary Committee is held by the Chairman of the Polish Business Council – Zbigniew Niemczycki.