The Tournament of Patrols and Packs

We launch The Tournament of Patrols – the biggest tournament in the history of our organization!

This week we launched a pilot edition of a huge project that will last at least five years. It’s called The Tournament of Patrols and its main goal is to promote and support the Patrol System. This project is open to scouts and guides all over the country.

At this moment there are more than five hundred tasks to choose and carry out with a patrol during the annual competition. As a Patrol Leader you don’t need to travel anywhere to compete with others, you don’t need to go through any paper work to get involved and finally, the competition doesn’t cost any money! There is a special Internet platform where you can register your patrol, choose tasks and at the end attach the summary of your Patrol’s achivements. You can even check there your current place in the ranking live. What’s more, you don’t need to write boring reports, because the summary usually consists of a few photos and short description of completed tasks. Everything was created and developed especially for the Tournament.

The Tournament will last from 2014 to 2018. Each edition will begin 1st October and finish 1st July. For the very first time ZHP organizes a competition on such a huge scale. If you are interested in this project, follow our English-language fanpage on Facebook where we will inform how it goes.

We believe that this project will help to improve the quality of our troops programme! Wish us luck!

By Michał Kacprowicz, Communications Department, ZHP National Office