The Peace Light of Bethlehem is in Poland

On 13th of December in Zakopane, Polish scouts and guides were given the Peace Light of Bethlehem from the scouts from Slovakia. This event started its journey through Poland, which will end on 24th of December.

The holy mass started with the ceremonious bringing the Light to the altar of Sanctuary of Saint Mary at Krzeptówki, Zakopane. There were present scouts from the whole Poland, which resulted in an extraordinary spirit of awaiting and scout brotherhood. The Light was warming everyone’s heart and made its idea to be close as never before.

During the mass the Chief Chaplain of the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association Wojciech Jurkowski has said: Let the Peace Light of Bethlehem open our hearts to others.  Let it bring the value to our lives. Let us be better people.

After the liturgy was the awaited ceremony of giving the Light to the Chief Scout of Poland – Malgorzata Sinica, who said: The Peace Light of Bethlehem is in Poland. “Note the man” is a call to action. Everything is in our hands. Let’s go to the people!

Afterwards the representatives of all 17 region organisations took the Light to share it with their communities.