The meeting of Jamboree 2023 Project Work Group in Gdansk

On 30th September 2015 the first meeting of the work group was held in the City Institute of Culture in Gdansk. The group will be working on the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association’ and the City of Gdansk’ bid to organise the 25th World Scout Jamboree in Gdansk in 2023. It consists of 32 officials of the City of Gdansk and 22 volunteers – ZHP’s leaders.

The meeting was divided into two seminars – for Directors of Departments of the City Hall of Gdansk and for the ones who will be working directly with the scouts on behalf of the City of Gdansk in creating the organizational assumptions of the Jamboree 2023 Project in Gdansk.

Jamboree Project Team on behalf of the ZHP is divided into ten groups: Administration and Budget, Communication and Promotion, Site Design, Human Resources and Volunteer Support, Information and Communication Technologies, International Contact Group, Logistics and Transportation, Programme and Security and Crisis Management.

To the cooperation with particular groups were invited the members of the Promotion Department, Information and Social Communication, Development Programmes Department, President’s Office of Culture, Geodesy Department, Management of Extension of the City of Gdansk, City Guard, Security and Crisis Management Department, Gdansk’ Water and Municipal Investments, President’s Office of Sport, Environment Department, Management of Urban Transport, Financial Department, City Centre of Sport and Recreation, Economic Policy Department, Management of Roads and Municipal Greenery, Social Development Department, Municipal Management Department and President’s Office.

People from the City of Gdansk and ZHP’s volunteers will be working in close cooperation for the next two years, aiming to prepare the bid of Gdansk and ZHP to the opinion of the World Scout Committee to organisation of Jamboree perfectly. In the next two weeks the work meetings of particular subgroups will start.

What challenges will the interinstitutional team face? The events, to which they will prepare together are mentioned below:

IX 2015 – The opening of the process of official presenting of the candidatures to organize the World Scout Jamboree to the World Scout Bureau of WOSM

I 2016 – The date of official applications of interest to organize Jamboree

IV 2016 – The update of the Guidelines for the Jamboree Organization by World Scout Bureau of WOSM

VI 2016 – The date of sending the feasibility report to the World Scout Bureau of WOSM

IV-VIII 2016 – The inspection of the World Scout Bureau of WOSM in the proposed site for Jamboree

VIII 2016 – Presentation of the bid at World Scout Committee of WOSM

XII 2016 – After the acceptance of the World Scout Committee the official sending of invitation with the guarantees for decision of the World Scout Bureau

VIII 2017 – The presentation of the bid at the World Scout Conference in Baku. The decision of the Conference in the case of Jamboree in 2023.

We wish everyone a successful cooperation!