The Jamboree Project Team on Sobieszewo Island

Wyspa Sobieszewska

On the 10-12 June members of the Jamboree Project Team met on Sobieszewo Island in order to summarize everything they have been working on up to now. It was the time of recapitulations after delivering the official Technical Report about the preparation for the WSJ 2023 to the World Scout Bureau.

The team pitched their tents and spent time sitting around the fire, singing songs and playing music on the venue where in 2023 the World Scout Jamboree will hopefully take place. All ten groups discussed the tasks they accomplished during the past months. The heads of the groups met in order to plan the work and new tasks that have to be tackled before the World Scout Conference in Azerbaijan, 2017.

We discovered amazing nature and green areas that surround the place of the Jamboree that will probably take place here in the future. We climbed up the modern water tower “Zbiornik Wody Kazimierz” in Sobieszewo. The water tower and the multimedia exhibitions in it will be a part of the water supply trail in Gdansk “Gdański Szlak Wodociągowy”. It is a project that aims at showing the history of water supplying systems in Gdansk during the past centuries. The water supply trail will also include two other water reservoirs, “Stara Orunia” and “Stary Sobieski”. According to plans, the water supply trail “Gdański Szlak Wodociągowy” will be opened in 2018.

Gdansk is a city that lies in Kashubian region, which is known for a large number of rivers and lakes. This time the Jamboree Project Team went on a short canoeing trip down the river. For some members of the JPT it was the first time when they canoed but it was a great ecperience and everyone enjoyed the trip.

On Sobieszewo Island there is also the “Mewia Łacha” reserve and a beautiful broad and sandy beach. The island is a perfect place to camp, make trips and relax because of the unique nature. We sincerely hope that participants of the 25th World Scout Jamboree will experience that.