The longest underwater tunnel was opened in Gdańsk!

Last week the longest underwater tunnel in Poland was opened in Gdańsk. The tunnel under the Motlawa River connects north part of the city where shipyards and seaports are located with the expressways and Gdansk’s ringway.

Important for the Polish bid to organize the 2023 World Scout Jamboree is the fact that the tunnel links the city centre with Amber Expo where the Check-in Centre for participants is planned. Moreover, it makes faster communication between the city centre and proposed jamboree site on Sobieszewo Island.

Two huge 1 km long tubes built underwater with the use of almost 4.300 tones of steel and 25.000 cube meters of concrete make an impression. The first to see it were almost 10.000 cyclists who participated in the opening along with over 20.000 other spectators. The tunnel will make the city transport easier.

“Damroka”, the TBM machine that was used to drill the tunnel was brought in parts from Schwanau in Germany to Gdańsk in October 2012. The operation of merging the machine started in January 2013. The preparation to drill the tunnel was from March to November 2013, and the first tube was drilled from May to November 2013. The second one from March to June 2014, and then the seven passages were made between the two tubes which are needed in case of emergency. The equipment and installation took time from July 2015 to April 2016. Finally, the tunnel was opened on 23rd April 2016.