The Extraordinaries – annual celebration of the Polish scouts!

The extraordinary people in scouting movement deserve our special thanks. In order to say a big Thank you! The Polish Scouting and Guiding Association (ZHP) created a poll called “The Extraordinaries” (“Niezwyczajni”). The final gala is always connected with celebrating World Thinking Day/Founder’s Day.

“The Extraordinaries“ is one of the possibilities to Thank you! our leaders. Among 30 000 of the adults in our NSO there are many people who can initiate extraordinary activities with their eagerness, charisma and creativity. With the things they do, they change the world for the better. By setting a good example, they set a new quality of social activities, they break stereotypes, they cross the barriers – they are extraordinary!

To celebrate the World Thinking Day/Founder’s Day we organise the annual gala during which The Extraordinary awards are given. This year the gala was held in the city of Gdańsk, in the venue of European Solidarity Center. The main theme of the gala was connected with Solidarity’s heritage and 25 years of Polish freedom after the fall of communism – the title was The Generation of Freedom. The show was produced by about 120 scout volunteers, with 30 artists among them whose performances were a metaphor for scouting activites and achievments of young Poles.

The annual gala is not only a great way to thank the volunteers, but also to promote scouting in Polish society. The gala always attracts many VIPs: politicians (on local and governmental level), most influencial people of Polish bussiness, media, donors, partners and many other personalities. Before the gala the guests and scout leaders were able to take part in a panel discussion about the scouting in Poland and key skills which scouts develop in our organization. More than half thousand people took part in the whole event.

The whole event was transmitted live via YouTube by The Official Broadcaster of The Polish Scouting & Guiding Association – ZHP360 – which is a project created 100% by volunteers. During this day they had produced more than 6 hours of live streaming with dozens of interviews, live transmissions and their own content prepared before. It was watched online by thousands of people.