The Art of Scouting

Nearly 200 scouts broaded its horizons during the “Meetings with the Masters”

Scouts with their patrols went to the City of Wroclaw in order to meet someone extraordinary. They meet Masters –artists who guided them and conducted a professional workshop for them. Masters told them about their disciplines of art, revealed their secrets and showed how they work. With their help scouts had an opportunity to develop their knowledge and create something exceptional.

Day on the Central European Jamboree is not only programme – it’s also free time after lunch for participants. At CEJ my favourite activity is free time after lunch. This is the time when we can talk with other participants, learn about different cultures and take part in additional attractions. During those few days, I met many new friends from Egypt and Ukraine. – says Grzegorz from Poland.

In the evening, scouts could discover another face of art. They had an opportunity to take part in a concert. However, arts and especially the art of scouting for participants is a wider concept. I believe that the art of scouting is not only knowledge how to build a campfire but also the ability to talk to other people. The art of scouting means that all scouts are like family members for us.- explains Gregory.

Central European Jamboree participants will have a chance to practice their language skills, or learning about other cultures during the “International Day” where each of the 29 countries will have the task to prepare a stand promoting the culture of their country.