Technical Report Delivered to the WSB

Last few months were challenging for entire our team. We had to briefly present whole work of the Jamboree 2023 Project Team on very limited space of 15 pages of the official Technical Report required by the World Scout Bureau.

Last 1,5 year was a wonderful time devoted to dozens of meetings and talks with organizers of many previous World Scout Events, our friends from other National Scout Organizations, representatives of the Polish Government and the City of Gdansk.

Finally the Technical Report of the ZHP Bid to Host the 2023 World Scout Jamboree was delivered to the World Scout Bureau! Another key step towards the 41st World Scout Conference in Baku.

Among others, report contains proposed programme concept, technical parameters of the Jamboree Village and financial plan for the event. In the document we describe also a new approach for the Solidarity Operation and a brand-new idea of IST Adventure.


Inspired by the “Solidarity” movement, which started in the city of Gdansk and sparked peaceful changes around the world, yet facing the dire need for human solidarity in the present times, we found the 2023 Jamboree motto: “BE THE SPARK AND PASS IT ON”. The aim of our motto is to inspire the Participants of the 25th World Scout Jamboree to take action.

We would like them to become active citizens of the world who think globally and act locally. Every Scout harbours potential to become a conduit of social changes, i.e. a so-called Sparkmaker (or in other words, changemaker). Our job is to help them discover their spark – their power – and teach them how to use it effectively in their local environment, outside the Scout movement in particular. The Jamboree programme shall enhance building self-confidence, developing skills and competence, social sensitivity and ability to turn ideas into action and make dreams come true.

Every Scout lives in an environment which can be changed for the better. The Jamboree encourages Scouts to get involved and to spark off changes which will bring real results, and which will inspire others to take action, hence ‘pass it on’.


To make it work, with educational scheme objectives in mind, we developed a programme concept based on THE SPARK CIRCLE.  In this regards, we identified three main areas listed below to form a general, comprehensive vision of how to inspire Jamboree young Participants to become the active global citizens. Each area introduces one concept:

WAKE UP!  “Wake up and discover your power”

LOOK AROUND “Look around and find out where your helping hand is needed”

ACT & MAKE IT WORTH IT  “Using your skills, make a change wherever it is needed”

We would like the Participants to kick-off THE SPARK CIRCLE adventure two years prior to Jamboree and to make it last when Jamboree is over as a meaningful follow-up. Our aim is to inspire Scouts during Jamboree to continue change making at their grassroots level when they are back to their local communities.

The programme we have drawn for the 25th World Scout Jamboree will be a source of energy, new ideas and motivation to take action. It will also be a platform for exchanging ideas and experience, as well as an opportunity to make new friends, to learn about other cultures and to grow together.

The atmosphere of the Jamboree will be woven on the genius loci of the City of Gdansk, the heritage of “Solidarity” and the location of the Jamboree Village “on water”, i.e. on an island between the Vistula River and the Baltic Sea, crisscrossed by irrigation canals.

The key programme modules, along with the other activities, are planned to result from THE SPARK CIRCLE process. Is based on the Scouting Method, and becomes a part of the vision of Scouting aimed at bolstering the in-depth and conscious social impact. Every component of the programme is designed to execute the objectives arising from the consequent stages of the process.

The objectives and guidelines of THE SPARK CIRCLE are based mainly on the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development goals and targets, and are focused on promoting the economic growth, social development and environment preservation, are universal concern of every human. Our task is also to promote the challenges and raise awareness of the global issues among the Participants.


One of the highlights of modular programme is “Your Jamboree”. Participants will be encouraged to share specific ideas for the Jamboree programme activities. The information obtained will be transferred to the swapping platform, to be accessed not solely by the future Participants, but every Scout and Leader worldwide. Leaders appointed to take part in Jamboree will have the opportunity to suggest, offer their own, original activities, and to carry these out for the Scouts around the world once approved by the Jamboree Project Team. This is a brand-new approach and a first initiative of its kind offering every Participant of the World Scout Jamboree, a leader and IST member an opportunity to get involved in the actual creation of the Jamboree outline together.