Stanisław Lem

phot. by Aleksander Jałosiński
text by Anna Omiecińska

Stanislaw Lem is an author of science-fiction, satire and philosophy books. His words are known all over the world – they were translated into 41 languages which make him most often translated polish author.

Lem was born in Lviv in 1921 (that time Lviv was a Polish city) and he spent there his childhood. In 1940 he started studying medicine, but because of II World War he had to resign from university. In 1946 he moved to Cracow and finished studies. In that time he wrote his first stories. In 1982 he left Poland for 6 years because of political situation. He died in 2006.

Stanislaw Lem is an author of : novel, stories, essays, feature of science-fiction articles . He wrote about space travels, the future of our civilization, A.I., utopias etc. His literature had an impact on a lot of other writers.

His most popular novel is “Solaris”. It is a story about scientists who make a research in the new planet called Solaris. They are trying to understand the mystery of the ocean which is on that planet. “Solaris” was filmed three times – last time in 2002 by Steven Soderbergh. It that adaptation the main role played George Clooney. Other famous Lem’s books are : The Man from Mars, Fables for Robots, The Cyberiad or philosophical essays Summa Technologiae.

For his work, he got a lot of awards eg. Order of the White Eagle – Poland’s highest decoration. In 1980 he was one of the candidates for Nobel Price – finally Czeslaw Milosz, Polish poet got it.