Social Development Program for the Sobieszewo Island

Social Development Program for Sobieszewo Island was created to get the citizens of the island involved in the matters of the district, improving its aesthetics and promoting the island as the perfect place for family holiday and rest as well as a friendly place to tourists.

The Polish Scouting and Guiding Association is taking care of the island’s citizens during the preparations to WSJ 2023 and the ZHP’s Centennial Jamboree. The Social Development Program for the Sobieszewo Island was introduced in 2016 and its aim is to improve the potential of the Sobieszewo Island as the place which is attractive to tourists, to improve island’s aesthetics, to involve the citizens and support them in the process of positive changes on the island and preparing them to host the increased tourist traffic. As the parts of the program there are conducted regular meetings open for all interested citizens, the concept of promotion of the island is being prepared, and the website in three languages about the island’s attractions, accommodation, history and nature is being run.