music and photo by Skalpel
text by Kamil Jasiński

The deep sound of live instruments blended with nu jazz samples broke with quotes from old polish films. This no longer Ninja Tune cooperation of two DJ’s, stood between musicians like Bonobo, Mr. Scruff, The Cinematic Orchestra, Funki Porcini and Blockhead. They come from Wrocław. 


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Marcin Pośpiech and Igor Pudło, after series of EP’s published their first album in 2004. “Skalpel”show us a mix of vibrant 60’s and ambient electronic music.  In 2005 they released the second album called Konfusion. In which we feel a bit of an acid jazz and late 70’s but everything still in nice and calm pace. Their work seems like a glorification of polish tones and our film industry by showing the best pieces. Also by creating them.

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With low tones, they create personal space. Full of thoughts and overwhelming by its deep. With their detailed and intuitive drums and piano, we find answers and breathe almost like after long dive in the ocean. Inspiration from positive and unexpected but always in time bright tones helps in any creative work during long due deadline nights as well as long in conversation, red wine evenings.


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After 9 years of absence, again we can listen to same warm tones combined with old polish films. Surprising us with even more sophisticated simplicity.