“Route for tomorrow” – the great journey and adventure of two scout instructors from Poland

“Route for tomorrow” (“Trasa na jutro”) is the title of the travel blog of Kasia Rożek and Piotr Kopera – scout instructors from Poland. During their journey they want to reach far, far east.


Asked why they decided to set off, Kasia simply said – because we can. When they were studying, they travelled through the country – Kasia was mainly visiting cities while Piotr was interested in the mountains. When they started their work they missed this fantastic time and knew, that nobody will give it to them. They have decided to take matters into their own hands and start a half-year journey.




Let’s discover what is out there!

They set off in March 2015 with Polish scout scarfs, smiles on their faces and desire to explore the world. The plan of their journey is constantly changing – they are open for everything, which can be brought by the very next day. They cannot predict who they will meet on their way. “We do not know, how this journey will end. For now we want to see how the world looks like in the places, where we haven’t been yet” – they say. They discover and observe the eastern cultures, while representing Poland and our candidature for organization of Jamboree in 2023.
They managed to visit Georgia and Turkey. On their way they have met Azeri scouts and Polish delegation of Jamboree 2023 Project Team on European Scout Educational Methods Forum in Antalaya. You can observe their journey on their blog (trasanajutro.pl) and Facebook.


Georgia – the place their fall in love with

Kasia says that the most amazing place on their way was the restaurant in the steppe in Georgia. They planned to be there for only one day, but they stayed for a week. “The atmosphere of places, where interesting people meet can always attract people for longer. Especially when we do not limit the time spent, and it is still a long period of time to the return to Poland, every dose of the “we are home” feeling is very valuable. We were there a part of a crazy group of people. We are constantly on our way so we collect many interesting stories and we wait for more – views, mountains, talks, people, and beautiful scheduled buildings.


Amazing people are everywhere!

How did this journey changed their views? Kasia says that they have met many amazing people also in Turkey and Kyrgyzstan, who speak English better than many Poles, have open minds and have their natural curiosity, but they must restrict to meetings with foreigners on their own ground. For them the visa for Schengen is the winning of the best, after filling a pile of the documents. If any European would say that getting a visa is hard, do not believe him. “The additional experience was for sure packing up into one backpack for six months. After some trials I came to a conclusion that I am definitely not a type of a minimalist, and the jumper is a must-have, but I have also better awareness of what I really need, and what I could leave or restrict.” – says Kasia.
After the journey they plan many things, for example to meet their friends at a campfire, play board games and maybe start some new projects, but first of all they start to remember and experience as much as they can during this journey.


Kasia, Piotr, we wish you good luck and only good people met on your way!