“Route for tomorrow” – scout journey to Asia

“Route for tomorrow” is the title of the travel blog of Kasia Rożek and Piotr Kopera – scout instructors from Poland. During their journey they want to reach far, far east.

They set off in March 2015 with Polish scout scarfs, smiles on their faces and desire to explore the world. The plan of their journey is constantly changing – they are open for everything, which can be brought by the very next day. They cannot predict who they will meet on their way. “We do not know, how this journey will end. For now we want to see how the world looks like in the places, where we haven’t been yet” – they say. They discover and observe the eastern cultures, while representing Poland and our candidature for organization of Jamboree in 2023.

They managed to visit Georgia and Turkey. On their way they have met Azeri scouts and Polish delegation of Jamboree 2023 Project Team on European Scout Educational Methods Forum in Antalaya . You can observe their journey on their blog and Facebook.

Kasia, Piotr, we wish you good luck and only good people met on your way!

The photograph comes from the fanpage “Route for tomorrow”.