Jamboree Project Team is consists of over 100 volunteers, experts in their fields. The Jamboree Project Team member is not only an exceptional instructor, but also a specialist. Professional experience, interests and formal education are an extraordinary mix which allow each group, as well as the whole team, to form a unique organism. Each working group is managed by a pair of ZHP’s leaders – a woman and a man who together make up an exceptional duo. Each pair is characterized by professionalism, reliability and finally a passion and an enthusiasm which they spread with their team stimulating an effort.


They are called the Sparkmakers or the Sparks. But who are they actually? They are the members of the Jamboree 2023 Project Team – 100 volunteers who work in 9 departments. The Sparks meet every three months to talk about their work, they perform smaller tasks online – everything to prepare the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association to hold the Jamboree in 2023. The chief of the team is Karol Gzyl, National Board Member and Head of Communications of the ZHP.

The Jamboree Project Team (JPT) consists of 100 leaders – volunteers that are members of the ZHP and specialists who are not scouts but they participate in the work of the team. Each volunteer is experienced in various fields – scouting, job, passion; all the experience will be used during the organization of Jamboree in 2023. JPT started working 9 years before the World Scout Jamboree is meant to take place. It seems as if it is too much time before the event but all the groups are working at full steam at the moment. The volunteers are working in 9 groups: Administration & Budget, Human Resources & Volunteers Support, Communications & Promotion, Logistics & Transportation, Programme Development, International Contact Group, Site Design, Security and ITC.

During following two years one of the main tasks ahead for the Jamboree 2023 Project Team is preparation and promoting the candidature of the ZHP. The climax of the whole process of preparation will be the World Scout Conference that takes place in Azerbaijan in 2017. If everything goes as planned, the next and most important part of the JPT’s work will be holding World Scout Jamboree in 2023.


In the Municipal Office of the City of Gdansk special coordination team was created to perform preparations and fulfill City’s obligations related to the Local Government Guarantees.

Deputy Mayor of Gdansk Mr. Piotr Grzelak is the Chairperson of the Municipal Jamboree Team.

To the cooperation with particular groups in ZHP Jamboree Project Team were invited the members of the Municipal Promotion Department, Information and Social Communication, Development Programmes Department, Mayor’s Office for Culture, Geodesy Department, Management of Extension of the City of Gdansk, City Guard, Security and Crisis Management Department, Gdansk’ Water and Municipal Investments, Mayor’s Office for Sport, Environment Department, Management of Urban Transport, Financial Department, City Centre of Sport and Recreation, Economic Policy Department, Management of Roads and Municipal Greenery, Social Development Department, Municipal Management Department and Mayor’s Office. Daily operations of the team members are coordinated by Mr. Lukasz Klos.