Polish scouts promote Poland at 23rd World Scout Jamboree

See the Jamboree in Japan with the eyes of Małgorzata Dziubak – the participant of Young Correspondents Programme of WSJ2015:

In most cultures Sunday is the day of rest, which differs from another days of the week. At the Jamboree Sunday programme also took the different form and was launched as the “Day of Cultures”. This day the participants, not the organizers arranged the noon.

Each unit had a chance to present its country on their camp area. The most popular was tasting national food. This way you could feel as on the trip around the world, just passing their tents. Polish representation was dressed as important persons of Polish history and sport, and the characters from Polish legends. Moreover we were teaching other scouts Polish language and painted our flag on their cheeks.

Besides food tasting, the interesting part of the Day of Cultures was observing how people dress and celebrate in different regions. We could easily compare our traditions to those from all around the world. It’s worth mentioning, that most of us can call themselves “young experts” in this field, because we took part in Home Hospitality Programme. Scouts were visiting Japanese families for a few hours. My unit has done it before the Jamboree, so now we were comparing our views on our hosts’ culture.

“I wasn’t sure, if I’m taking the proper position, while sitting by the knee-height table without any chairs. It fortunately turned out that the Japanese perfectly understand that we come from different culture and many daily activities may take a different form.” – says the Polish scouts representative.

In the afternoon, when the camps came back to their daily mode, we went to the arena with other participants. Between the speeches of invited guests, on stage were presenting vocalists, dancers, and ever the professional pilot, who showed us his skills in the air. The afternoon show was a memorable ending of this day, which was full of attractions.