Polish Scouts on the Universal Exhibition Expo Milano 2015

Polish scouts gain experience by visiting the Expo 2015

Between 4 and 5 May 2015, a group of Polish Scouting and Guiding Association leaders visited the Expo 2015 in Milano. The working groups’ heads were carefully observing the ideas and solutions used during Expo 2015 organisation in terms of communication and promotion, designing, logistics and transportation. Such experiences and ideas are crucial and vital for us and for our candidacy.

The main theme of this Expo edition was „Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.” During this edition, 145 countries applied for participation in it, including France, Great Britain, Switzerland, Hungary, China, Slovakia, India, the USA and Poland.

During the first day of fairs our scout leaders had the opportunity to meet organisers who had prepared Polish pavilion, the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency and Polish Tourism Organisation representatives.

We had the opportunity to ask about difficulties concerning organisation of such a gigantic event, planning processes, promotional materials and publications – everything that we are currently working on as a part of working group of Communication & Promotion, which is an integral part of the Jamboree Project Committee.” – says Marta Bednarska, the head of the Communication & Promotion working group.

Poland’s Pavilion was the fourth largest pavilion during the Expo 2015 in Milano. It was located in the centre of the exposition, near pavilions of France, Netherlands, Germany, India and Italy. The last one was prepared by the organisers of the Expo. The project of Polish pavilion was designed and prepared by Warsaw 2PM studio. It shown d landscapes characteristic for Poland, full of orchards and apple trees surrounded by mirrors. The centre of it referred to ecological and simple form of apple boxes. The project related to Polish agricultural sector, to be more precise – to apples, an absolute export hit on the European market.

Pavilions’ location and decoration and also small garden architecture, lighting and visual identification were the object of our representation’s interest.

The Universal Exhibition takes place every two years; the next one will be held in 2020, in United Arab Emirates.

The visit was part of the documentary preparations for Polish bid to host the World Scout Jamboree in 2023 and was funded by government grant.