Polish girls on stage

text by Natalia Semczuk

Famous polish musician, Andrzej Rosiewicz sung that „among all,  polish girl have the most vitamins”.  Polish girls’ assets don’t end on Slavic beauty, which is surely a wild card that helps in succeeding in show business. Charisma, persistence, and hard work – that’s the true reason Polish girls stand out from other ones. Starting from fashion, beauty and a full range of unusual talents, polish girls hold the top positions in showbusiness.

Anja Rubik

Fashion model that doesn’t need any introductions. She worked in advertisements from almost all top brands like Gucci, Versace, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana and Valentine. While walking on catwalks she presented not only high fashion but also Poland. Her journey with modeling started when she was 15. And her first fashion run had a place in Mediolan. Besides top class fashion shows, she was the main host in polish tv shows such as Project runway. Not by accident did Anja became Anthony Vaccerallo’s muse, ambassador of jewelry brand Apart and the face of Inglot brand, which decided to sell her own fragrance “Original”.

Aneta Kręglicka

It was 22. November 1989. In Beirut, due to terrorist attack Rene Moawad, the president of Liban dies along with 16 other people. “Back to the future II” premiered on cinemas. And Aneta Kręglicka won the title of the Miss World in Hongkong. She was the first and only polish woman to be honored with this title. All the country is in awe. Polish people are thankful for leaving our own blueprint in the history of the contest. Just after this Aneta started working for model agency “Wilhelmina”, after that she came back to Warsaw and started her own agency “ABK Kręglicka”. From that time she regularly appears in media, staying a role model for polish girls.

Edyta Górniak

Polish singer, compositor and lyrics writer, born in Ziębice in Lower Silesia. In Poland she became famous as a musical actress of Studio Buffalo theater, debuting on the stage of Warsaw Dramatical Theater in musical “Metro” which gave her pass to Broadway. She became famous thanks to her song „To nie ja!” which she performed on 30. Eurovision Contest. She came in second. It was a breakthrough moment in the history of Poland because before 1994 we had not participated in Eurovision. Edyta is still performing as a singer, and preparing her tours. She released 8 albums. On this year’s preselections for Eurovision, she took third place.

Karolina Wydra

She started her career as a model, participating in photo shoots for Elle and Vallum.  In 2006 she took part in Nespresso… What Else? A campaign, advertising coffee machines along with George Clooney. She started her real actress career in 2008. by performing Gabrielle Bochenski character in movie „Ratunku! Awaria“ directed by Michel Gondry.  From this point on she regularly appears on American tv shows. She became recognized thanks to series like „Pureblood“ and „Doctor House“, which after sometimes appeared on polish channels.