Often called ‘A land of a thousand lakes’, Masurian Lake District was shaped by the Pleistocene ice age. This beautiful area was one of 28 finalists of New7Wonders of Nature and some say that it lures almost 5 million people annually.

In fact, there are over 3 000 lakes in this region and many of them are connected to each other. Canals and rivers form plenty of water routes which makes it a paradise to sailors and water sports enthusiasts. There are huge forests and nature reserves, clean air and of course lakes.


All above reasons cause the tourism there to blossom. The infrastructure is also inviting and answering the needs of tourists. Many new hotels, eco-marinas, guesthouses, restaurants and others were build during the last few years. You can choose where you want to sleep: would it be a hotel on a small city island, a room in an old Teutonic castle or in the hut by the lake in a middle of nowhere? You can try sailing and water sports here even if you don’t have any experience.

Beautiful landscapes help to relax and make it a real pleasure to be there. You can enjoy monuments, charming little cities placed by the water and variety of art and music festivals that are organised in the region.

If you want to discover Poland the way it really is and see people living their lives you should start in Masurian villages and cities. Rent a boat, visit old Prussian buildings, spend a night in a Teutonic castle, see birds and other animals in their natural habitat in nature reserves. Enjoy Masuria and fall in love with it. We promise you that if you will visit it once you will be coming back.