Lotus flower expedition – time to follow dreams!

text by PoKwiatLotosu

Scouting let us develop our skills and gives the courage to discover the world. Everybody who was in ZHP, even for a minute, knows that in the whole year, besides meetings, the biggest happiness is summer camp. Two weeks under the tent in mountains or at the seaside is something that every scout loves. Maybe is the time to go somewhere far? Rovers from 9 DW “Sfora” from Zielona Góra dreamed about oriental camp – camp in Thailand and Malaysia.


Every day they studying and working. Each of them has different passions and talents, which are mixing and let them make an integrated team, which want to always pose challenges. When they are together they know that impossibility doesn’t exist and they want to spread this idea across the world. Lots of people dream about wonderful adventures, but they are too scared to take the first step and it all begins here.


From where an idea came? One rover girl was traveling in China last summer. Impressed with a visit, she felt it wasn’t her last trip on this unique and mysterious continent. A proposition of camp in Thailand and Malaysia gained support immediately.


Their goal during camp is not only integration of team and building characters, but also know new cultures and scouts, with which they could make a long-lasting contact and international cooperation. They want to their dream camp become a real camp of life and gorgeous introduction to everyday challenges, which are waiting for them.


Travel are held under the slogan of “Lotus flower expedition”. Arrangements and relation from the trip you can see on Facebook’s fan page.