Lech Wałęsa’s Appeal to world scouting

Lech Wałęsa’s Appeal

Today’s technology allows humans to conquer the Universe. Computers and the Internet are used every day, and the world cannot even for one day unite around the single most important issue for humanity – life in peace. Millions are suffering from hunger and degraded as a result of raging war. Children are deprived of schools; believers are banished from places of worship. Instead of being able to work and rejoice, people live in constant terror and distress, fearing for their own and their families’ lives. Each day of war is a day of great tragedy. We live at a time when we need to be more vocal and call for “peace on earth.” Seeing how the world cannot build consensus and put an end to the ongoing conflicts, as a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, I call upon all world leaders: let us give people a moment of respite. Let us make every effort to ensure a moment of peace for the world. In ancient times, such opportunity was afforded by the Olympic Games. For the duration of the Games, all disputes and wars were suspended. “Holy peace” was announced and viewed as the “guarantee of safety.” I urge: may the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro be a milestone in our history. May “holy peace” be observed once again for the period of the Olympic Games. I ask and call for wars in the world to be suspended, hoping that this may help us achieve more – a lasting peace. I make this appeal in respect for the dignity of life, for the highest values, under a sense of duty to others and myself. For no price can be put on PEACE.

Let this be a matter of honor and responsibility to us all.

Each day without war is a day of hope for world peace!

Lech Wałęsa

Gdańsk, January 2016