Gdansk is located in Pomerania, the northern region of Poland, on the Gulf of Gdansk (the Baltic Sea). It is the capital of the Pomeranian Voivodeship and the sixth largest Polish city by population (461,531), as well as by area (262 sq km). Together with the neighbouring cities of Gdynia and

Sopot, it makes up Tricity, which is the fourth largest metropolitan area in Poland (with a population of ca. 800,000).

Gdansk boasts over a thousand years of history, and its identity has been influenced by various cultures through the ages. The city is regarded as the symbolic place of the breakout of World War II and the starting point of the fall of communism in Central Europe. It is the site of numerous monuments of architecture, as well as broad array of cultural and educational institutions. It is also the centre of maritime economy with a vast trading port. The city has experience in organising large events. Among others, it was one of the host cities of UEFA EURO® 2012.

Kashubian region that is known for its beauty and uniqueness, since the area abounds with many lakes, hills, streams  and forests. The little-known region west of Gdańsk that is Kashubia has been drawing urban Poles into its lazy summer clutches for generations. Kashubian Switzerland, offers a wealth of opportunities for the traveller tired of the same  holiday routine. Refreshingly different Kashubian region is small enough to be covered in a day or two by car or bus, rich enough in opportunities to swim, fish and sail – as well as enjoy its unique culture – to fill you with enough good memories to last for years to come.

Your Kashubian odyssey should take in the spectacularly difficult to pronounce Wdzydze Kiszewski which you’ll find a leisurely 10km drive south of Koscierzyna. First mentioned in 1258, the village’s growth was somewhat slow to say the least. Today the village remains tiny, but thanks to its glorious lakeside setting and its highly recommended museum, the village fills with people during the summer months, who come to unwind and simply mess about on the water.