We offer a divers modules, build up on the spark circle. We want to wake up the spark in us, start the process. Then look around and see the people and their histories, beauty of nature, various challenges and possibilities in the world. Finally let’s start the actions, act, make it worth before, during and after Jamboree.


To truly understand and fulfill the objectives of educational goals of Jamboree each Scout should have the opportunity to prepare for Jamboree. The event itself should be a celebration of work taken before and an inspiration for future projects. In 2022 we would like to start an international quest among participants about their local communities. Their task will be to collect information about their surrounding neighbors, institutions, learn about situation and needs. With that knowledge and activities during Jamboree they will search for inspiration how to make a change after Jamboree. The gathering will also make them believe that they have abilities to become the changemakers.


During Jamboree in Poland, we aim to have as many people as possible experience the famous Polish Hospitality and culture. We would like to organize largest Home Hospitality ever hosted, offering three days in many parts of our country in the homes of our scouts. To create an unforgettable experience, we have already started working with district authorities to create the most attractive offer.


It is possible to experience scouting of many other capitals of Europe while visiting Poland. Alongside other European organizations, we will help to provide accommodation and programme during the trip. With our friends from European Region, we will do our best so you could take away as much as you can from this part of the world.


We would like to invite you to Sobieszewo Island – our ISLAND OF WONDERS. Place where everything can happen!  On every step you can explore the treasures of island itself, Polish and European culture and history, and priceless scouting values. Our programs will let you to pass through diverted perspectives.


Beautiful nature will surround participants during off-site program and free time activities. They will explore the marvelous Kaszuby Region and experience the unique ecosystem of Sobieszewo Island. Activities take place in the pine forest, grassy meadows, on the sandy beach of Baltic Sea, in a bird sanctuary and many others. The main purpose is not only see the beautiful places but also to understand the value of natural environment.


Come and meet scouts from all over the world in the City of freedom – Gdańsk, where social movement of “Solidarity” was founded under the leadership of Lech Wałęsa, subsequent Nobel Peace Prize laureate. Feel the spirit of brotherhood that unites people striving for social change. Discover the land where “Solidarity” was born and find your way to make the world a better place.


Poland always was a bridge between East and West Europe, and we are proud about it. By Amber Road history, we want to engage young people to building connections, show them how to cooperate and be a part of bigger community. Let’s go on this exciting, educational journey together.


We want to sheer heritage, culture and history of Poland with you. Discover diverts traditions form all regions by taking part in various workshops and events. Get deepen in folklore and be amazed by colorful celebrations!


Can you imagine beautiful morning in your tent, surrounded by beautiful nature? Just think about delicious breakfast from your own hub vegetable patch, served on recycled plates. Learn how to get energy from renewable resources, how to create seasonable camp and be responsible for the future. It must not be just a dream – become a part of future eco scouts and plant a Spark with us not only in our Eco Jamboree Village. After Jamboree we will give back the nature the land we will use, and make it untouched again.


Let’s have some fun and get new skills. We will provide many different water activities like scuba diving, canoeing, swimming, sailing, kayaking, parasailing, flybording, rafting or various types of water sports. But it want be just it. We want to create bigger adventure, and give a chance to develop each participants as individuals and also as a team players. The Jamboree will take part on an island, so we are surrounded by sea, bay and a river.


This is our main goal. To plant the spark, to educate, to give a chance to learn, to try. To wake up the imagination. To help believed in their abilities and see the possibilities around. To take the lead and make an effort to create the future. To become during Jamboree a SPARKMAKER.


The Jamboree is a spark. A spark which triggers the act and create the impact. Firstly, we have influence on other scouts. In our cities, regions, countries. While we take an action, it reflect on other people, and other communities. This is a way to make a real changes in the world.

We want to plant a spark to create the F.I.R.E effect. It’s post Jamboree challenge based on four principals: FUTURE, INVOLVMEN, RECTION, and ESCALATION. During Jamboree we will prepare scouts to take FUTURE orientated actions, which INVOLVES not only them but also their local community. They will REACT to the needs in their surroundings. Started by baby steps their actions will ESCALATE to significant changes in the world. So be the spark and pass it on. 


The spark circle contains more than module program. Every moment during Jamboree is priceless, so we’d like to help to use the opportunity as much as it possible. In your free time you will be able to take part in many activities and see everything what island offers.


Encourage Scouts to discover their potential of being change-makers,

Raise Scouts’ awareness of global issues and responsibility for their local communities, gain knowledge on how to act as an active citizen of the world,

Build openness to other cultures and religions and support the sense of brotherhood to live in peace,

Learn how to embrace challenges, develop self-reliance, build self-confidence and spark off the need for continuous self-improvement,

Raise awareness, develop skills and shape attitudes to achieve the goals of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development through creating a learning environment for the future young leaders of local communities,

Give an opportunity to experience the amazing adventure on the Island of Wonders.