Jamboree’s History

There is the 95 years of tradition of organizing World Scout Jamboree. Polish scouts were represented on this biggest scout event from the first Jamboree in England in 1920 till 1937. Then, after the end of communism in Poland, ZHP regain the membership in World Organization of Scout Movement and representation of Polish scouts attended every World Scout Jamboree from 1991 till 2015. Now we are ready to make a proposal of hosting the 25th World Scout Jamboree 2023 in Poland for the consideration of the World Scout Conference.


The 1st World Scout Jamboree was held at Olympia Hall in London. 8,000 Scouts from 34 nations attended the event, which was hosted in a glass-roofed building covering an area of 6 acres. It was at this event that Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting, was acclaimed the Chief Scout of the World. Poland was represented by a boy scout Tadek Jabłoński, son of the Polish ambassador in London.
2nd World Scout Jamboree, Ermelunden (Denmark), 1924
4,549 Scouts participated in the 2nd World Scout Jamboree. The Polish Contingent with 160 participants sailed across the Baltic Sea on the board of the "Watra" ship. King Christian X and Queen Alexandrine took part in the closing ceremony of the Jamboree.
3rd World Scout Jamboree, Birkenhead (England), 1929
The Third Jamboree was attended by 50,000 Scouts from 69 countries. The Polish representation consisted of approximately 500 participants.
4th World Scout Jamboree, Gödöllö (Hungary), 1933
Jamboree was hosted by Hungary and held from 2 to 13 August 1933. It was attended by 25,792 Scouts, representing 46 different nations and additional territories. Scouts encamped around the Royal Palace in the Royal Forest of Gödöllő, about 11 miles from the capital of Budapest. The Polish Contingent was the second biggest and consisted of 1300 scouts.
5th World Scout Jamboree, Vogelensang (Netherlands), 1937
The Poles came to the Jamboree by train, by bicycles, by canoes and sailed on the yacht “Zawisza Czarny”. The Head of the Polish Contingent was Tadeusz Borowiecki. Polish representation counted more than 700 people.
6th World Scout Jamboree, Moisson (France), 1947
This was the first jamboree after Baden-Powell's death in 1941 and also the first after the World War II. It was originally planned to take place in 1941, but because of the II war it was postponed. This jamboree was called "The Jamboree of Peace". The Jamboree showed that even through the years of the war the Scout Movement was still strong and growing.
7th World Scout Jamboree, Salzkammergut (Austria), 1951
Jamboree was held August 3 to 12, 1951 and was hosted by Austria at Bad Ischl. The attendance was 12,884 from 61 different parts of the world
8th World Scout Jamboree, Niagara on the Lake (Canada), 1955
During the Jamboree World Membership Badge was introduced. This was the first World Jamboree to be held in the Western Hemisphere, and the first outside of Europe.
9th World Scout Jamboree, Sutton Park (England), 1957
This Jamboree was also known as the Jubilee Jamboree because of the 50th anniversary of the Scout Movement and 100th anniversary of the birth of Baden Powell.
10th World Scout Jamboree, Mt. Makiling (Philippines), 1959
The 10th World Scout Jamboree was held 17-26 July 1959 and was hosted by the Philippines at Mount Makiling, Los Baños, Laguna. Dubbed "The Bamboo Jamboree" due to the prevalence of bamboo and nipa palm. There were a total 12,203 Scouts from 44 countries. The theme was "Building Tomorrow Today".
11th World Scout Jamboree, Marathon (Greece), 1963
13,000 Scouts attended from 88 countries and territories. The site included a “Greek Village”. The Olympic Theme involved the “Labours of Hercules” which tested the Scouts’ skills and stamina. On the site was a 20,000 seat amphitheatre. Lady Baden-Powell gave the closing challenge of peace to the Scouts.
12th World Scout Jamboree, Idaho (USA), 1967
It was the second World Scout Jamboree to take place in North America. With its theme "For Friendship", the 12th World Jamboree attracted 12,011 Scouts from 105 countries.
13th World Scout Jamboree, Asagiri Heights (Japan), 1971
14th World Scout Jamboree, Lillehammer (Norway), 1975
The slogan of that Jamboree was "Five Fingers, One Hand", an example of international cooperation on the part of the five Nordic countries responsible for its organization.
World Scout Jamboree Year, the Jamboree in Iran was cancelled, 1979
15th World Scout Jamboree, Alberta (Canada), 1983
This Jamboreee was hosted by Canada at Kananaskis, Alberta, an area of Provincial Park 4,000 feet in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, 80 miles west of Calgary, Alberta. The Spirit Lives On was the theme of the World Jamboree, with a total attendance of over 15,000 Scouts from nearly 100 countries.
16th World Scout Jamboree, New South Wales (Australia), 1987/88
14,434 Scouts from 84 countries attended the Jamboree, with around 13,000 more in attendance on "Visiting Day". The theme was "Bringing the World Together". The United Kingdom contingent included Betty Clay, daughter of the founder of Scouting, and eleven members of the Baden-Powell family.
17th World Scout Jamboree, Mt. Sorak National Park (South Korea), 1991
It was the first jamboree after the communism fall. Small representation of 10 Poles was presented at the jamboree under the command of the ZHP International Commissioner Marian Miszczuk.
18th World Scout Jamboree, Flevoland (Netherlands), 1995
29,128 Scouts attended from 166 countries and territories. Many of these were from countries where Scouting was being born or reborn. Highlights included the Jamboree Friendship Award and the second Global Development Village. On this Jamboree Poland was represented by 40 people. Head of contingent was Rafał Bednarczyk.
19th World Scout Jamboree, Picarquin (Chile), 1998/99
This was the first Jamboree held in South America. Site was Picarquin, Chile, 61 km south of the capital city of Santiago. Some 31,000 Scouts attended from 157 countries and territories. The theme was “Building Peace Together”. In Chile ZHP was represented by a group of 150 people. It was the first Jamboree, in which we participated after regaining membership in WOSM.
20th World Scout Jamboree, Chonburi Province (Thailand), 2002/2003
The Jamboree returned to Southeast Asia at Sattahip, Chonburi, Thailand 150 km south of Bangkok. Some 25,000 Scouts attended from 143 countries and territories. The theme of the Jamboree was “Share our World, Share our Cultures”. The Jamboree program stressed the progress and unity of the World Scout Movement and linked it to Asian culture. Polish flag was not missing on the Jamboree but ZHP was represented at the Jamboree by a delegation that consisted only of a few people.
21st World Scout Jamboree, Essex (Great Britain), 2007
This Jamboree celebrated the 100th anniversary of the founding of Scouting on Brownsea Island. It was hosted by the United Kingdom at Hylands Park, Chelmsford, Essex, 35 miles northeast of London. Some 38,000 Scouts attended from 158 countries and territories. 50,000 visitors attended for day visits. The theme was “One World, One Promise”. It was noted that more countries took part in this Jamboree than in the most recent Olympic Games. During the Jamboree Scouting was declared and certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest youth organization in the world. Polish contingent consisted of 805 people. Head of the representation was Rafał Bednarczyk. The Polish Day, which guest of honour was President Lech Wałęsa, enjoyed particularly huge interest. On the centenary of Scouting, on August 1, Jamboree participants solemnly renewed their Scout Promise.
22nd World Scout Jamboree, Kristianstad (Sweden), 2011
The Jamboree was held on the fields of Rinkaby. The theme was "Simply Scouting". 40,061 Scouts, leaders and adult volunteers participated from 166 different countries. Polish contingent consisted of 650 people.
23rd World Scout Jamboree, Yamaguchi (Japan), 2015
350 guides and scouts from Poland set off for Japan. Most of them arrived at the Jamboree site by traditional means of transport, that is, by plane and by train, but there were also those who arrived there by bikes. As part of Jamboree promotion “Bicycle Jamboree” Relay was organised in which participants covered the distance from Warsaw to Kirarahama. At the Jamboree, the Polish tent, which promoted the candidacy of the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association to host the Jamboree in 2023, was extremely popular. You could relax on deckchairs, view photos, play caps, and above all read the offer concerning the preparation of the Jamboree in 7 years.
24th World Scout Jamboree, The Summit Bechtel (USA), 2019
25th World Scout Jamboree, 2023