The World Scout Jamboree in Poland is our dream. But it is not something unreal. For twenty-five years Poland and ZHP have constantly been changing. 25 years of freedom have been a time for hard work for us. Today, a generation of young people who were raised in the first years of independence is ready to take responsibility for the future. People, for whom the legend of Solidarność became an inspiration, entered into adulthood and are now changing the world. Since the year 1996, when we came back to being members of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) and World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS), we have been observing the development of scouting in other countries. We are learning from the experiences of other National Scouts Organizations. After tough years of transformations and dealing with economic challenges, today we are a stable NSO.



We feel that Poland, strong with the energy of young people, can transfer the idea of inspiration for scouting. We want to supercharge scouting with incredible adventures and inspire you with our ideas. Together we want to carry out an educational event that will stay in positive memories of young people from all over the world. In three years from now you will have to make decisions regarding giving us the right to organize the World Scout Jamboree. We want to prepare ourselves well for that. This is why we have already started talking about our candidacy. This is also why we have been intensely preparing for the procedure that will last until the 41st World Scout Conference in 2017.

These preparations are an inspiration for changes in our organization. We are transferring the dream of 100.000 young people from Poland into changes in our association. We are improving the educational programme, supporting the training of leaders. We cooperate closely with our partners. Today we want to get your attention, so that you can discover Polish scouting all over again and let yourselves become enchanted by the energy of young people who are creating it. To be able to talk seriously about our application, we have created in Poland a strong basis in cooperation with the government and business. Our country sees in the future jamboree a tool to build social capital and the foundation of youth policy. We realize that there is plenty of work ahead of us, but we are eager to do it all.

We are dreaming of a jamboree that will fill the scouting world with imagination. A jamboree that in a natural way will show the phenomenon of a global movement that can – and actually does – change the world. Be the spark! That is the motto of our candidacy. A spark starts a fire. A spark releases energy. We want every scout in the world – no matter what their sex, skin colour or religion is – to be that spark. The upcoming three years will be a great adventure for us. An adventure during which we will develop our organization and gain your trust. We will be working very hard for that. We will be learning from more experienced organizations. We will be asking. We will not stop dreaming and our dream will be transformed into real actions. This is the way we are. We believe that the spark from our dreams will also inspire you.


The activities which are related to the preparation and promotion of Poland as a candidate country for organization of the 2023 World Scout Jamboree consist of a complex organizational process, which The Polish Scouting and Guiding Association must deal with. These activities are spread over the years 2014-2017. The whole candidacy process is also treated as a tool for the development of Scouting in Poland. The candidacy is for ZHP a tool for the membership growth and the initiative which unifies the organization around a common purpose. The candidacy will cause changes in the organization – the improvement of the educational programme, the quality of work with the leaders and financial management. It will be a tool to promote Scouting. The whole plan of the preparations for the submission of the application has been divided into Six paths of the preparations.


A ‘Jamboree Dream’ has been present within ZHP since the National Jubilee Jamboree in 2010 in Kraków. Since that time we have been discussing the Polish initiative in the circle of our organization leaders. In autumn 2013, within the ZHP, we conducted a large nationwide information campaign addressed to the leaders. The campaign was called ‘Young Jamboree Ambassadors’ and reached more than 1,500 leaders in all regions of the country. 150 of them took part in the ‘Jamboree Academy’, which was a valuable workshop. The effect of the information campaign was that the General Assembly passed a resolution which declared for applying for the right to organize the World Jamboree in 2023. Thanks to the campaign and invested effort, the resolution was adopted by a vote of 270 in favour and 1 abstention.


During the World Scout Jamboree the most important thing is the educational programme. Despite the fact that the programme consists of permanent components, we have developed the elements characteristic for Poland – the ones we would like to share with other scouts. A created slogan ‘Be the Spark!’ represents our brand and its reputation. We would like to organize a jamboree that will be a spark of adventure, freedom, friendship, innovation and positive energy. While building a promotional strategy, we cooperate closely with the Polish Tourist Organization – a government agency responsible for the promotion of Poland abroad and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We are in a unique position because we have developed the concept of promotion which turns out to be coincident with a newly adopted strategy to promote our country brand. It allows us to multiply the effects of our actions – which is of benefit to the world scout movement.


We would not be applying for the right to organize such an important event without a deliberate support ensured by the Polish government. Our country has had experience in the organization of EURO 2012. It is a valuable asset. The government treats the candidacy as an important public action. It is reflected in the special patronage of The Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland and – more importantly – in a package of government guarantees already adopted in May 2014 in the form of a resolution of the Council of Ministers. A jamboree is also important for the business community. We work closely with the Polish Business Roundtable, whose president directly committed himself to the preparations as the head of the committee’s candidacy. During the preparations we will also use the potential of other non-governmental organizations.


As mentioned above, the creation of a friendly external environment at an early stage of the preparations is extremely important to us. We want to ensure a complete financial security to the candidacy and a subsequent jamboree. Thanks to the guarantees granted by the government, we are confident about the safety of the project. In carrying out the public mission, the government granted funds to ZHP that will support the process of the preparations. As a result, it will not lead to a significant burden to ZHP’s budget and ongoing educational and training programmes will not suffer.


We want to show the best side of Poland. The time spent by young people in our country should be an amazing and inspiring adventure. To achieve it, we need to create a broad base. A lot of energy is being put into selecting a region where the jamboree will be held. After a year of work, several meetings and documentary visits, today we are considering three places. Each of them is located in a different part of the country and offers a different context and attractions. There are many factors that will determine the final choice. We want to finalize the discussions with local governments by the end of 2014.


International tasks are much more difficult. Our aim is to convince national scout organizations that Poland is the best possible choice. We want to achieve it through transparent information on the process of the preparations and creating the atmosphere of trust in Poland. We will strengthen our activity at the regional and world levels. By showing good practices, we are going to inspire a World Scout Family.