What's on in Poland

Anita Włodarczyk the Invincible

Anita Włodarczyk, 31 years old Polish hammer thrower, the Olympian in Beijing, and Olympic medalist from London and Rio has won again and has beaten her own world record two weeks earlier in Rio (Brazil). She took the first place during Kamila Skolimowska’ Memorial where she made a world record for the sixth time and she went beyond her own possibilities.

‘I am extremely happy, but well… I’m still fighting!’ – She said after beating the world record. She was saying that she can reach 83, maybe even 84 meters. This would not be so extraordinary, but she is the only women in the world who can exceed 80 meters! She is a greater dominator in hammer throw than Usain Bolt in running. This is confirmed with the fact that she took the first place in ranking of best athlete of all times by International Association of Athletics Federation.