Independence Day: Joyful patriotism

The Scout Run

Almost 200 scouts will spend the Independence Day in an active way! How? They will be part of the Scout Run! But it is not just a run, it is a great initiative – each participant is supporting The “Akogo?” Foundation which helps kids with brain injuries. Celebration, help, and fun – everything at once! Isn’t the Scout Run perfect? Read more at

We have Independence!

Polish scouts will be celebrating the Independence Day in many different ways, some of them are full of joy, just like a “We have Independence!” action. Almost 32 000 postcards sponsored by the Polish Post will be sent for free by Polish scouts to their families and friends. It is a great opportunity to show our positive patriotism and share happiness with others! We really enjoy it!

The Flame of Independence

Since 2000 scouts from Zgierz have celebrated the Independence Day in an active and unique way. We are glad to say that Fire of Independence Bicycle Relay has set off. In only 6 days the scouts will cross almost 700 kilometers, from Ukraine to Warsaw, to light a candle on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on 11th November. Participating in such an event is a great lesson of patriotism for young people. We hope it will make everyone reflect on the sacrifice of many generations, so we can live in a free country.

New programme proposal ”Our hearts are full of joy”

On 11th November every Polish scout and guide will enjoy the Independence. A new programme proposal ”Our hearts are full of joy” will help them better understand the point of celebrating of this special day. The publication is full of useful historical facts, biographies, ideas for games, and much more! We want to show a young generation that this is the time of happiness. Let’s share the joy with others!