Get involved! Culture-wise. You won’t be bored in and around Gdańsk!

When going to a new place, you always ask yourself “What can I do there?”, “How can I spend my leisure time?”. In the case of Tri-City, these questions incur a flood of answers. There are plenty of coffee shops and restaurants – like in every city. There is the beach for sunbathing, sea for swimming, parks for walking – like every seaside resort. So what makes Tri-City special?

Most of all, three different, intertwined atmospheres: old Gdańsk contrasts with modern Gdynia, and artistic Sopot complements the picture. Tri-City is called that for a reason – it really is a single city composed of very different parts that function together as a whole.culture1



Gdańsk – actively and culturally

However, you cannot assign labels to any of the cities or categorize them. In Gdańsk, apart from visiting the old town to feel its atmosphere, you may as well spend the whole day in Fun Arena at the PGE Arena stadium playing Zoltar, getting out of an Escape room, racing on go-karts, or jumping on trampolines. It is Gdańsk where the recently opened Shakespeare Theatre or the European Solidarity Centre are located. Each of these places is definitely worth the time spent there. Gdańsk is also an academic city, so there are many places where students can spend their leisure time.


Gdynia – young and modern city

Gdynia draws young people with numerous restaurants (full of discounts for students), an interactive exhibition at the Experiment Centre, or the largest trampoline park in Europe – Jumpcity. There is also a fantastic Musical Theatre where every season more and more interesting plays and musicals are on stage. Gdynia is the home of the largest shopping centre in Pomerania region – Centrum Riviera where you can easily spend both a whole day and all your money shopping.


Sopot – with the breeze of XIXth century resort

In Sopot, which is referred to as the city of artists, the biggest attraction is the Monte Cassino promenade where almost all young people from Tri-City spend their evenings. The street, colloquially referred to as “Monciak” is a vibrant place which never sleeps. It is also worth to mention our pride, the longest wooden pier on the Baltic Sea, which is icing on the cake awaiting everyone at the end of the promenade. However, what I find the most remarkable about Monte Cassino is the fact that only a few steps down one of the side streets let you free yourself from overwhelming buzz and enter a completely different world, a silent and relaxing health resort that Sopot really is.


Festival all around Tricity

Despite all the attractions awaiting us in the Tri-City, regardless of all the coffee shops, restaurants, parks, shopping centres, theatres, cinemas, and museums – the greatest number of visitors, both from Poland and abroad, are drawn by festivals. Oh, the marvellous Tri-City festivals. When the summer starts, it is difficult to say when one festival starts and the other ends, they are constantly present, until the end of the season. We have the Gdynia Film Festival, Cudawianki, juwenalia student festival, Sopot Film Festival, etc., but they are all dominated by the world-famous Open’er Festival. Every year thousands of people come to Tri-City to participate in concerts of their favourite bands, which last almost non-stop for a few days.

There are people who will say that our Tri-City is nothingexceptional, that Cracow, London, or New York are better. The truth is that Gdańsk, Gdynia, and Sopot, which together form a perfectly functioning organism, are the perfect place for young people. To play, to rest, and to live. It is a friendly place, with no room for boredom.