The Scout Bike Relay form Gdańsk to West Virginia has just begun


More than 35 thousand kilometres divided into 34 stages, 21 amazing countries of Northern hemisphere crossed and two goals: World Scout Conference in Baku, where either Poland or Korea will be chosen as the host country for 25rd World Scout Jamboree; and West Virginia, where in 2019 the next Jamboree will take place. This two-year bike relay started on 27th May on Sobieszewska Island, Gdańsk.

What is Bike Jamboree?
This amazing event is a trip which we’ve never had before. In 2015, when the first Bike Jamboree started form Poland to Japan we knew that it is just a beginning – Anna Śledzińska from Bike Jamboree Foundation said. We got excited about this idea and now, we are going to West Virginia, the USA. This time though, we are starting and finishing our trip in Gdańsk. After travelling 35 thousand kilometres divided into 34 stages and visiting 21 beautiful countries of Northern Hemisphere we will finish our trip around the world.

The route of the opening ride led on Długa and Długi Targ Streets, where the relay was seen off by scouts, pedestrians and tourists. Then, the peloton went to Długie Ogrody Street, passed Przejazdowo and reached Sobieszewska Island. There, „The Bird Picnic” was waiting for them and for the island inhabitants. It was organised by the Friends of Sobieszewska Island Foundation. There, a lot of attractions for the guests such as competitions and the opportunity to visit the bird sanctuary with the assistance of ornithologists were organised. After taking photos and regeneration, the relay started out to Elbląg.

The relay is not a stunt or beating some kind of record. It is promotion of Poland, Gdańsk and scouting as a social movement that engages young, ambitious and extraordinary people. We believe, that the next 25th World Scout Jamboree in 2023 will take place on Sobieszewska Island in Poland. We want to help in making it happen. That is why we’ve decided to start and finish this trip in this very special city of freedom, Gdańsk – Anna Śledzińska said.

The Bike Jamboree is also a story about friendship and huge effort of many people – both experienced travellers and young people who want to travel around the world together.
It is also a story about sharing experience, inspiration and dreams. The Bike Jamboree is a part of modern scouting and its values such as brotherhood that does not care about any borders.

The route of Bike Jamboree 2017-2019
The first stage of the relay is open for everyone willing to join it. On evenings, meetings with scouts and inhabitants are planned. The relay will go through three Polish Voivodships. Before leaving Poland, on 4th June, a family picnic in Łukowo will be organised.
Jamboree Route:
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