Jamboree is an amazing event, connecting scouts from around the world, which needs also an amazing setting. Due to this fact it is important for this place to be unique throughout. That’s why we choose Sobieszewo  Island!

If Polish bid to organise the World Scout Jamboree will be selected and the Polish Scouting Association will be organising this event in 2023, Sobieszewo Island will be the meeting place for all scouts. This decision was preceded by many talks and visits. History, nature and location could only confirm its uniqueness and attractiveness.




Sobieszewo Island has a diverse landscape due to its location. Sea proximity and river estuary causes that flora and fauna are really rich. On the island we can find dunes, meadows,  fields,  ponds, lakes, reeds, canals and pine and mixed forests. There are not only 500 different plant species, but also many different animals and birds. There live roe-deers, boars, raccoons, beavers and seals. On the island live about 300 species of birds. Because of that, there are two ornithological reserves.


The island is located in close proximity to the City of Gdansk, which is why getting to the city takes not a long time. You can get there through one of two bridges by the car or one from many buses or by the ferry.

All above advantages create the great site to perform unique and amazing programme of Jamboree 2023 in Poland. We do hope that Sobieszewo Island will become home for thousands of scouts in a few years!