Bagiński’s Animation

text by Kamil Jasiński
video by Platige Image/Tomasz Bagiński

First, when I was a little boy, my dad brought me and my brother a video, which I didn’t really understand. I remember I was scared and amazed at the same time. When I think about it is still giving me goosebumps, but it showed me the world of unknown. Told a story of time, fears, and hopes. It’s spectacular but it’s not the point. That information just makes all of us happy to watch it and to get deep into ourselves.


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When I got older, fascinated by the world of moving image, overwhelmed by psychology and people. Again, I got scared and amused by his other short film. regarding of what happened and how terrifying is the idea of the story. The music stayed in my mind for long months. I showed it to all of my friends, waiting for the last scene and their reactions.

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I’m also happy that Tomek Bagiński was the one who showed the world history of Poland. His dedication to details, colors and aesthetic style is valuable not only for you, our friends from different countries but also for us and our identity.

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