1800 scouts from 29 countries have met in Wroclaw

The Central European Jamboree was the biggest scout event of this year. From 4th to 14th of August Wroclaw was visited by scouts from twenty nine countries from all around the world.
The main theme of CEJ 2016 was ‘The Art of Scouting’. Scouts were discovering the different meanings of it during the jamboree and also were trying to find out how to leave this world a little better than we found it. They were doing their best to become world’s artists.
Girl scout from Slovakia – Lucia Majanova told us, that she is delighted with a number of classes and workshops prepared for the participants. I’m very impressed because there are so many people from the different countries who I can meet and become friends with.- she describes her experience.
“Art of Scouting” is the theme for all participants, but it have different meaning for each of them. It’s very difficult to tell what „The Art of scouting” means for me because it is very wide topic. But I think that mainly it means that: “being a scout is an art”- says Lucia.
The Central European Jamboree was an extraordinary event. For ten days the participants were meeting scouts from different countries to broaden their horizons together through the exchange of experiences. Every day they were participating in a different part of the main programme – artistic workshops, city game ‘Mythbusters’, Scout Service or off-site trip to discover the beauty of the Lower Silesia. Every evening on the main stage were performed various artistic events – concerts, parties, performances and a fire show. Scouts had a chance to sum up the day, celebrate, party and inspire each other.
The most enjoyable part of the adventure, for me, was meeting and making friends with a patrol from Israel. As a Briton, I was surprised about how much we had in common, such as music and our likes and dislikes. We learned so much about each other during the rafting and the evening, it was incredible! The rafting itself brought our team closer together, as it was sometimes hard to navigate around rocks, but it was well worth it for the views! The session [of Scout Service] reminded me of one of our core values in scouting: the simple act of helping others.- Scott Rowley, UK
Nearly 100 volunteers supported the preparations for the ‘Lost Painter’ Cooperative Game of the scout’s adventures on the Central European Jamboree. Participants could rediscover the “Art of scouting” as service for the community resulting from their personal responsibility and respect for others. The ideas of brotherhood, service and personal development, guided the scouts every day as we could have seen during the CEJ 2016. The participants had a chance to practice their language skills and learn about other cultures during the “International Day” where each of the 29 countries had to prepare a stand promoting the culture of their country.
The most beautiful thing was that everybody in this colourful crowd was equal. It didn’t matter, that we were different types of people. We have different colours of skin. But in this moment we all had coloured powder on our faces and it was really beautiful. We all are beautiful people. We can change the world, no matter what the colours of our skin are, what our language is, what we believe in. We can do it together if we only want. And it’s great. It’s the power of differences. – Paulina Myćka, Poland

Central European Jamboree is an annual event organized by the scouts from the Visegrad countries – it’s a continuation of the Slavic Scouting meeting, which was organized in Prague in 1932. On the 4 to 14 of August 2016, the jamboree is held in Wroclaw.