12.000 kilometres by bicycles – from Poland to Japan

More than 70 participants, 12.000 kilometres, 9 stages – that is Bicycle Jamboree in short. Since January Polish scouts were cycling from Poland to Japan. Now they reached the Jamboree site.

Today Bicycle Jamboree Team finally reached the World Scout Jamboree site. Group of Polish scouts travelled to Kirara-hama, Yamaguchi, Japan for last seven months.

It was a great adventure and work of many people. We received help from many partners, and many helpful people on the way. We hope we proved that for Polish scouts impossible is nothing – said Filip Kierzek, leader of last, 9th stage of the journey.
Scouts taking part in Bicycle Jamboree travelled through Ukraine, Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kirgizstan, China and Japan. In each of the nine stages of the trip eight cyclists were involved. The longest part of the journey had 1700 kilometres (distance between Gaziantep in Turkey and Teheran, Iran). Overcoming the stage took scouts 30 days.
The Bicycle Jamboree was widely reported in Polish and foreign media. Participants also ran a blog: http://rowerowejamboree.pl.

You can still read there about many adventures of the team.

The Bicycle Jamboree team will join other Polish scouts during first meeting of the Polish Contingent on the Jamboree Site. There are 350 members of Polish Contingent for the 23rd World Scout Jamboree.